Rally Point Intro

The rally point is busy with AVAXpelago resistance fighters conducting drills and their command officers getting them into shape. Here is where you commit islands, naval bases and outposts to the resistance cause and receive a steady stream of naval ships ($SHIP tokens). Things have changed a lot since then. The FIATland armada has moved on to the Abritrum and Optimism region leaving behind a modest garrison to oppress the population as part of their assimulation by force agenda. Resistance supporters in the Avaxpelago are secretly building a resistance fleet from decommissioned naval vessels and converted civilian ships built from local shipyards to support the resistance effort. Players can generate $SHIPs by staking, Island NFTs, Naval Base NFTs or Resistance Outpost NFTs. Ship construction rate are as follows (subject to change):

SHIP Emission Output

  • Island NFT = 1 $SHIP per week
  • Naval Base NFT = 1 $SHIP per week
  • Outpost NFT = 2 $SHIPs per week
Ship emission output is subject to change.

Players can do as they like with their $SHIPs from committing them to the mission of the month or hoarding them up for a future mission or selling them on the secondary market (If players establish a secondary market on their own).

LIMITED time. Players can get shipyards from the mint.