Welcome, Mercenary Captain

AVAXpelago has fallen to the FIATland foreign occupiers, the grand AVAX Navy has been destroyed in the final battle and the regional government has capitulated. AVAXpelago enters into a new chapter as the populace decides on whether they submit to the FIATland way of life or resist and work towards liberation. As a freelance captain, this is a prime time for you to make a fortune.

About AVAX Navies: Islands of Resistance

AVAX Navies: Islands of Resistance is a combat simulation featuring Naval bases (ERC721 NFTs) and naval ships (ERC20 tokens) within the Islands of AVAX Ecosystem. Players construct shipyards on their islands and amass ships into their mercenary fleet. Participate in monthly missions with Prisoners Dilemma/Byzantine general logics. Join up with other players and start your own faction. Create your fortune in the FIATland occupied Archipelago region and become the master of the seas.

Battles are fought with $SHIP tokens which are generated every month based on the # of island and shipyards you have. Win missions to earn $RP, Resource Points, to power up your fleet, the resistance movement and make major breakthroughs against the FIATland occupation.

AVAX Navies: Islands of Resistance is an authorized collaboration project of AVAX Navies (by Crypto Ed) with the Islands of AVAX ecosystem lore and intellectual properties by Blockpixel Labs.

Simulation Summary - TLDR

Chapter 2 gameplay can be summarized into the following steps:

Web3 Contract Info

Please note the following ERC20 Tokens and addresses in use:
  • SHIP Token: 0xbc877a247f7386b6f2ee9c7a476dfba43b265e80
  • RP Token: 0xDC9bF9d44236460fd989178e8bD2C0a4f3f33646
  • AVAX Navies Game Master Address: 0x9b87a3f5837797bb2425668421d31dfd5271c4ec
  • NPC Resistance Movement: 0x8d86f28af00a1ae2d96541843edc3408f11f6d6c
  • Shipyard contracts: 0xc65f4ba646b0fb7ccf2f17a283215b6f4129f46e; 0x1b96d77f957e15847c68d6daa760f8d1a8e476f2; 0x3a5038b7ac7c7a59c0d4dcd5fcd420f8ed6fcd43
  • Participating Collections: Islands of AVAX, AVAX Navies, AVAX Seasteads (Accepting collections from independent artists)

Frequently Asked Questions

The old battle system was clunky and relied heavily on discord, signing Kryptosign with wallets and conducting wallet scans. We worked hard to assemble an upgraded battle system with an actual UI and less reliant on Discord (Mission discussions are encouraged there.).

Islands of Avax is the intellectual property of BlockPixel Labs.
AVAX Navies is an independent authorized spinoff using a white label Proof of Participation - Active Combat Engagement System (POP-ACES) built by Crypto Ed.
Authorization has been granted by Blockpixel Labs to use Islands of AVAX NFTs within POP-ACES.

POP-ACES is a revolutionary Proof of Participation combat system, developed by Crypto Ed to bring combat gameplay for EVM Based NFT collections. Unlike other play-to-earn games, POP-ACES requires players to be actively involved by staking their resources and tactically deploying battle tokens ($SHIPs in Islands of Resistance) across multiple fronts using Byzantine General and Prisoners Dilemna game logics. Players must collaborate as a team to accomplish mission objectives and earn rewards. This system incentivizes participation and teamwork, resulting in an immersive and engaging experience for all players.

The Islands of AVAX project encountered a setback when their blockchain and UI developer left, coinciding with a drop in their yield on AAVE due to the 2022 bear market. Despite these challenges, BlockPixels Labs has decided not to abandon the project completely. Instead, they have given permission to Crypto Ed, the creator of AVAX Navies, to use the Islands of AVAX lore and staking permissions in their military simulation using a whitelabel version of POP-ACES. While the original Island simulation development is on hold, the partnership with Crypto Ed will ensure that players can still enjoy the immersive world of Islands of AVAX in a different form until the market stabilizes and development continues.

Islands of Resistance is more like a table top experience Warhammer 40k or Dungeons and Dragons using prisoner dilemma/byzantine general concepts instead of a fast paced RTS game. We pride ourselves in our ever growing lore as opposed to making a copy and paste farm/mint project.

We're at war with FIATland, any unused supply or equipment is taking up storage space. If you're not claiming them, someone else is. (Actual reason is we're working within the technical limits of the tools we're using. Hopefully with battle system 3.0, unclaimed $SHIP & $RP can be rolled over as we plan to develop proprietary contracts)

We're sorry to hear that your team did not win or you missed your window to exchange your mission token for $RP. We've given sufficient heads up for everyone to exchange their tokens before the end of each month. Since our $RP faucet can only accept one token at a time, it's set to the token of last months' winner.

Note that this is still a prototype simulation and some elements are manually calculated and updated. We try to have new allowances and rewards calculated within 2-3 days into each new month. Please check our Twitter or Discord to know when new missions and allowances are up.

Players are encouraged to form factions/companies and participate on PvP mission options as a group. Faction exclusive missions may be available to the more influential factions where the faction can claim a % if not all of the cycle's reward allowance if they meet mission requirements (Higher than other standard teams).

Note that AVAX NAVIES NFT series is first and foremost an artistic NFT collection and not an investment or security of any form. Players who participate in the simulation do so because they love the NFT arts and want to be part of the combat simulation that goes with it. One should not be expecting to make any returns from this experience.

Chapter 3 is the story of a newly liberated AVAXpelago region. Players who contributed the most in chapter will have a major say in shaping the post FIAT AVAXpelago region from the type of nation(s) that will inhabit the archipelago region to the values and cultures of the people there. Chapter 3 will start once a simple economic model is set up.