Mainnet beta is now live (soft launch) on the Avalanche Network!

Welcome, Mercenary Captain |

AVAXpelago has fallen to the FIATland foreign occupiers, the grand AVAX Navy has been destroyed in the final battle and the regional government has capitulated. AVAXpelago enters into a new chapter as the populace decides on whether they submit to the FIATland way of life or resist and work towards liberation. As a freelance captain, this is a prime time for you to make a fortune.

About AVAX Navies: Islands of Resistance

AVAX Navies: Islands of Resistance is a combat simulation featuring Naval bases (ERC721 NFTs) and naval ships (ERC20 tokens) within the Islands of AVAX Ecosystem. Players construct shipyards on their islands and amass ships into their mercenary fleet. Participate in monthly missions with Prisoners Dilemma/Byzantine general logics. Join up with other players and start your own faction. Create your fortune in the FIATland occupied Archipelago region and become the master of the seas.

Battles are fought with $SHIP tokens which are generated every month based on the # of island and shipyards you have. Win missions to earn $RP, Resource Points, to power up your fleet, the resistance movement and make major breakthroughs against the FIATland occupation.

AVAX Navies: Islands of Resistance is an authorized collaboration project of AVAX Navies (by Crypto Ed) with the Islands of AVAX ecosystem lore and intellectual properties by Blockpixel Labs.

Simulation Summary - TLDR

Chapter 2 gameplay can be summarized into the following steps: